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Raw Ammonite

Raw Ammonite


You will receive one Ammonite!


Size (Approximately): 3.5cm - 4.5cm


This ammonite is from the Middle Jurassic Period (160 million year old) from Madagascar. The species is called 'Dichotomosphinctes antecedens' and is in its unaltered raw state. The colour is mainly white however may be a shade of sandy yellow depending on how much of the shell is exposed when it was extracted. These Ammonites have been very well preserved with many of them having perfect markings. 


Location Excavated- Tulear, Majunga, Madagascar


Please note that these stones are natural and have been unaltered, other than being tumbled smooth. All colours are natural and the image should be used as an idea of the type of stone, colour or patterns that you will receive in your piece. They are all handpicked and will be different to those photographed. The photograph was taken in natural lighting so please take this into account when viewing your stone at home. Monitor settings can also change the colour of the stones slightly and again should be used as a guide to what the stone looks like. These stones will all be different sizes and weights and the measurements given should be used as an estimate only.


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