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Tektite (Meteorite) Tumblestone

Tektite (Meteorite) Tumblestone


You will recive one crystal!


Size (Approximately): 4cm - 5cm


These Tektites have been found in Thailand through ethical mining and sourcing. Tektite is a form of glass that is formed naturally when a meteorite hits the earth and heats the earth so much on impact that it instantly turns to glass. European Tektites are black however you can find green colours elsewhere in the world. Tektite can be a superstar physical healer. It can accelerate healing from injury or illness, improve circulatory problems, and aid with fertility. Similar to the physical benefits, wearing a tektite can strengthen you mentally. It may broaden your vision and hone your concentration to see the bigger picture. As a vessel of telepathic exploration, it can enhance your psychic abilities and stimulate astral travel or lucid dreaming.


Carry it in your pocket or bag to help bring these benefits into your life. You can also mix and match crystals together to help amplify their powers or to gain more benefits than just one stone alone. They can also have the same effect with your home when displayed in different rooms, especially bedrooms and living rooms or where you stay most of the time when at home!


Perfect as a gift for children or crystal lovers. They are also popular for meditation and as decorations around the home!


Please note that these stones are natural and have been unaltered, other than cleaned. All colours are natural and the image should be used as an idea of the type of stone, colour or patterns that you will receive in your piece. They are all handpicked and will be different to those photographed as these are for reference only. The photograph was taken in natural lighting so please take this into account when viewing your stone at home. Monitor settings can also change the colour of the stones slightly and again should be used as a guide to what the stone looks like. These stones will all be different sizes and weights and the measurements given should be used as an estimate/idea only.


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