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When you spend £10 or more, you help us to plant trees arround the world and reduce carbon in our atmosphere by helping us invest into renewable energy!

Here at Embleton Interiors we are all about giving back to nature and that is why we now support many amazing eco projects around the world and here in the UK. We will also plant a tree for every sale over £10 online or instore and support teak and mango tree farmers in Indonesia and India who harvest and manufacture some of our amazing wooden interior pieces in a sustainable, unique way!

From mangrove trees protecting communities against coastal flooding in Madagascar, to Polylepis trees strengthening water security for people in the high Andes, or fruit trees providing food and a source of income for farmers in Uganda and Morocco, the trees you fund will bring many benefits to both local communities and the surrounding environment.

Daniel Embleton, a northeast based surface pattern designer, is the proud owner of Embleton Interiors. His shop Embleton Interiors is an award-winning brand for their sustainable and local manufactured goods including Daniel's very own designed collection. We aim to embrace and encourage northern artists and craftspeople, helping to give people a chance to live their dream of being an artist. Selling a range of unique and sustainable soft furnishings, interior decor, gifts and prints that are created in the northeast and the surrounding areas or have been produced to support charities and sustainability projects across the world. Just some of the projects we help fund include deforestation charities in Indonesia, Australia and South America where farmers who grow and harvest their own trees, especially mango trees, are rewarded as a way to help stop and discourage people cutting down wild forests and woodlands. We also support a range of fair-trade companies and even help a number of care homes and nurseries in India though selling their hand made products in our shop, helping to spread the word and to fund their upkeep and staff. 

Our shop objectives are fundamentally that we believe that everyone should have access to good quality local produce that doesn’t cost a fortune, harm the planet and supports good causes. We also believe that people should have access to products that have a story, message or have been simply hand produced with passion, care and skill and not just mass produced or imported. We endeavour to become a shop where people can learn new skills in our workshops coming soon, or to share stories, passion for art and to connect to nature in an authentic way. So if you are looking for something special, unique or local, and on a budget then look no further than Embleton Interiors, we have you covered!

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